How iSmartMD Works

Use our Marketing Module (Campaign Manager) Tool

To help you generate exciting campaigns aimed at converting the procedures you want to grow in your practice. Our proprietary technology publishes your campaign with laser-sharp focus to all the major digital advertising platforms--bringing your highly relevant offers to a captive and targeted local patient population.

In addition, your campaign is automatically published to your own personalized, custom-built landing page.

Robust dashboard analytics allow you to track and analyze campaign performance. Mine the massive data available to fine-tune your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

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Watch as each new lead flows into our Lead CRM Tool

Each lead is presented to you with detailed contact information so you can begin the engagement and nurturing process immediately via your preferred communication channels.

You are able to add notes into the record, assign a sales rep to increase conversions and accountability, and update the leads’ status to “scheduled consult” or “declined offer.” All 2-way communication is stored in a cascading log for your reference and tracking.

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Set the AI Intelligence of our Automation “Bot” Tool

To make the nurturing process less burdensome on your staff while still maintaining customization and your brand’s personality and authenticity. Our Bots allow you to customize your own rules for automated follow-up communication -- inserting placeholder variables to stage a professional and personalized communication flow with your potential new patients.

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Save time and effort with our Calendar Scheduling Tool.

Easy drag-and-drop tools allow you to manage and update your working schedule so patients can directly book appointments during your customized time preferences directly within the CRM. You can set up the iSmartMD Calendar for single or multiple locations.

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Continue the patient lifecycle with our Remarketing Tool.

Create quick and easy remarketing and recall campaigns to your current patients with just a few clicks. You can event set follow up bots to increase awareness and conversion in your remarketing efforts. With the remarketing engine, you always have an easy way to stay in touch and communicate with your most important audience.

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A campaign success story for

coolsculpting-image right-arrow

Custom-built landing page for targeted Sculptra package offer generated 100 leads at a cost of $15/lead. Spent $1,500


iSmartMD lead nurturing scheduled 15 appointments, 10 consultations, and five package purchases at $3,000/package. Earned $15,000


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