Critical thinking solves problems.

When the “status quo” is expensive, unaccountable, and ineffective,
innovators ask questions that lead to better solutions. The innovators at iSmartMD have walked in your shoes. We own and operate aesthetic practices just like you.
We know the challenges you face to attract and convert new aesthetic patients in today’s market.
So when the traditional methods of winning new patients fell short for us, we started to ask questions:


How much was my last
Google Adwords check? Practices can spend upwards of $10,000 per month on PPC campaigns to generate new leads for their practice. That’s a lot of dollars, but not a lot of “sense” unless you are able to effectively engage and convert those leads into an actual paying patient. PPC campaigns fall short when it comes to this crucial next step-but ISmartMD doesn’t, and we’re quite a bit less expensive!


Are my long SEO contracts
falling short on ROI? Traditional digital marketing agencies want to tie practices up in binding annual contracts for lead genetation prior to establishing a track record of performance. But what happens if you’re dissatisfied with ROI? iSmartMD has no required contracts. We’re confident our platform will become an irreplaceable asset in your patient generation efforts.


Why are critical conversions
left entirely “up-to-me”? Simply put, leads don’t matter. Conversions do. So, if conversions are so critical, why do lead generation platforms leave you hanging here? iSmartMD gives you full-circle conversion tools. Under one technology suite, you receive leads and a proven, automated pathway for engagement and conversion.


First time patient...great.
Lifetime patient...golden.

New patient generation is one way to build the overall health of your practice. But, for true, sustainable growth, converting new patients into a loyal, returning, and raving fans is your true mission.

iSmartMD can help. Our easy-to-use remarketing conversion tools help you increase your recurring revenue and activate recall with your most engaged and valuable audience -- your existing patients.


The patient generation engine at work.


A campaign success story for

coolsculpting-image right-arrow

Custom-built landing page for targeted Sculptra package offer generated 100 leads at a cost of $15/lead. Spent $1,500


iSmartMD lead nurturing scheduled 15 appointments, 10 consultations, and five package purchases at $3,000/package. Earned $15,000


Convert your leads into lifelong patients
with iSmartMD Patient Generation Engine. Schedule a demo to get started today.