I’m not a lead.
I’m a patient.

I want what you offer.
But I won't Convert
Until we Connect.

Finally, an AI solution that bridges the gap.
Convert your aesthetic leads into lifelong patients today.

Aesthetic practices require a continuous flow of new, qualified patients to keep the doors open and the lights on. The problem is, most of today’s lead acquisition models offer only a stream of luke-warm leads, leaving the burden and heavy lifting of converting leads into actual paying patients completely up to you and your staff.

iSmartMD is the first technology platform to address this “gap.” Instead of just handing you a lead and “calling it good,” our platform is designed to partner with you through conversion, remarketing, and recall and even provides tools to deepen the patient experience AND increase your recurring revenue, long after a first-time conversion.

Traditional Digital Marketing

(SEO, Paid Search)

Focused on spend budget (Min: $3,000 - $5,000)

12-month commitment contract

Pay per clicks and impressions

No conversion process

No measured results


iSmartMD Patient Generation

(Automated, Intelligent Engine)

Focused on results, generating high quality leads

No contractual commitment

Pay ONLY per lead, not per click

Automated conversion process

Measurable results


Our advantage?
Razor-sharp, local focus, a multi-platform
apporach, and ongoing engagment.

We use proprietary technology to publish your campaigns with laser-sharp focus to all the major digital advertising platforms bringing your highly relevant offers to a captive, local patient population. When a potential patient has an interest in your offer, we help you connect with them where they are, when they’re ready to act, in the ways they want to communicate. Our platform “keeps the conversation alive” until you get a conversion response.


Campaign-building made simple, with easy steps
and automated tools to do the heavy lifting.


A campaign success story for

coolsculpting-image right-arrow

Custom-built landing page for targeted Sculptra package offer generated 100 leads at a cost of $15/lead. Spent $1,500


iSmartMD lead nurturing scheduled 15 appointments, 10 consultations, and five package purchases at $3,000/package. Earned $15,000


Convert your leads into lifelong patients
with iSmartMD Patient Generation Engine. Schedule a demo to get started today.